Subjects For School of the Supernatural

Year 1

A. The Anointing of God

1. Understanding The Anointing of God
2. Keys to the Glory of God
3. How The Anointing is Imparted
4. Hindrances to the Anointing of God
5. Music And The Anointing
6. Search For The Lost Ark

B. Introduction to the Supernatural

1. Your Natural Gifts
2. Spiritual Abilities
3. Supernatural Gifts
4. Gifts of the Spirit
5. Receiving Spiritual Gifts
6. Bonus: Receiving The Baptism of the Spirit

C. Bringing The Power

1. Jesus Our Model
2. Two Kinds of Power
3. How The Two Anointings Work
4. How To Increase The Power
5. Using The Power In Ministry

D. Ministry Made Easy

1. Ministry vs Calling
2. Levels of Ministry
3. Necessities For Ministry
4. Preparing For Ministry
5. Ministry Training

E. Building The Dove

1. The Dove in Ministry
2. The Wing of the Gifts
3. The Wing of the Fruits
4. Launching The Dove

Year 2

A. The Mantles of God

1. The Mantles of Anointing
2. Universal Mantles
3. How to Use Ministry Mantles
4. Activating Your Mantles
5. Image of a Mantle
6. Authority vs Power
7. Bad Mantles
8. Overcoming Demonic Mantles

B. The Mantle of Glory

1. The Mantle of Glory
2. Understanding The Glory of God
3. Getting The Glory of God
4. How To Radiate Power
5. Experiencing God’s Power
6. Finding God’s Power
7. Three Elements of the Spiritual Realm
8. Meeting The Father
9. Understanding The Power of Love
10. Experiencing The Ascended Christ

C. Mantles of Ministry

1. The Teaching Mantle
2. The Evangelistic Mantle
3. The Pastoral Mantle
4. The Prophetic Mantle
5. The Apostolic Mantle

D. Specialized Ministry Mantles

1. The Mantle of Revival
2. The Mantle of Healing
3. The Mantle of Prosperity
2. The Mantle of Favor

E. Moving In The Supernatural

1. Your Entry into the Supernatural
2. Getting Equipped For The Supernatural
3. Flowing Out in the Supernatural
4. The Main Elements of the Supernatural
5. How Healing Comes
6. Getting Your Faith To Work