School Costs

Enrollment and Student Fees

Contributing Partners

You can find out more about becoming a partner at

Prospective students should apply for registration in this school and then on being accepted as a student, will need to process a partner subscription before they are given access to the school.

Once you have enrolled as a student, and your application has been accepted, you will be required to commit to a monthly partnership contribution.

We would prefer a recurring deduction using either PayPal or Payfast, but if you are unable to process such an arrangement you may pay manually each month using the following methods.

Process a normal donation to the ministry using our donations page at :

Deposit directly into our account in South Africa if you are in South Africa

(You can find our bank details on the Donations Page)

Arrange to send the amount via Western Union

(Please contact us for details before sending)

Students may cancel their partner subscription at any time, and they will then continue to have access only to the lectures they paid for.

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The New GBM Schools

The GBM School of the Supernatural

The GBM School of Business

The GBM School of the Arts

The Gbm School of Ministry

Only one partner contribution is required from each student, which then gives them access to any or all of the schools.

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Monthly Lecture Access

At the commencement of the course, students will have access to the first 5 lectures in the school.

After that, each month they will be given access to an additional 5 lectures until they have access to all lectures in the school. The total study time at present should be about 11 months for the entire curriculum.

However, the existing lectures are only considered bonus teaching, as the normal training system is carried out via weekly WhatsApp sessions, where all students receive live training and are able to interact directly with us to receive a more personal approach to training.