New Move

The New Move of God Summary


Isaiah 60:1 Stand up and shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD [Yahweh] has risen up to appear on you.
2 For darkness will overwhelm the earth, and thick darkness the whole nation: but the LORD [Yahweh] will appear upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you.
3  And the nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.


1. Picture of the dark cloud and the lights coming on

2. This is the only way to lift that dark cloud

Main Part

A. Elements Of The New Move

1. A move for every believer, and not only for the leaders.

2. Not an Unstructured Move

a. Leadership is needed and must be trained.

b. Compare wildfire with fire in a fireplace

3. A return of those trained in the past

4. Revival is needed to restore those who once burned brightly

5. Emphasis on family and married couples

a. Specialist emphasis has torn couples apart

b. They will find unity in the anointing

c. Can function at a similar level

B. Important of Small Groups

1. Establishment of the church in the home

a. As husbands and wives become spiritual leaders to their own family members

b. Includes younger children and grown-up children

c. Small groups established first then larger groups

2. Limitations of large group ministry

a. Creates extra pressures

b. Destroy the work in the end

c. Inhibits true growth

i. Limited seating needing bigger premises

ii. More finances needed for buildings and program

C. The Younger Generation Key

1. Parents impart to the children knowledge of the Word and the Spirit.

2. A new move of the Spirit coming to the younger generation

a. More strongly influenced by world system

b. Have the passion and energy

11. Parents must allow move of the Spirit in their family members

a. God will raise up young people who are on fire for Him

b. Will stand against agendas of the realm of darkness

12. My experiences

a. When I was young – put down by older folks

b. In Mexico having only family to work with

i. Trained my family members

ii. Started ministry on internet

13. Full use of technology

a. Why igniting younger folks is essential

b. Using technology to spread the Kingdom of God

c. Need for the anointing to do this

D. The New Awakening

1. Not Like Past Awakenings

a. Will not take place in large gatherings

b. Will not take place in only specific places

c. Will start in small groups and spread into community

2. Will Not Start With Existing Leaders

a. Will start with those outside the system

b. Many were active in the system but got turned off and left

3. Hope For Family Members Who Grew Cold

a. These are the ones God is going to start with

b. Disinterested spouses will come to life

c. Couples and families will become united

4. Accomplished by Holy Spirit in Revival Power and Anointing

a. Those revived will not need long to get back on beam

b. Many are already trained

c. Will become ready almost overnight

5. Explosion of Evangelistic Activity

a. Outside the church system

b. Done mostly by ordinary believers

c. Will not need intensive training for this

6. New Church Will Arise

a. The revival will not take place in the existing system

b. Will require far less maintenance so will grow fast

c. Those leading will need some instruction on structure

d. The need for continued teaching and training in all areas

E. Gearing For This Move

1. Two Main Areas of Training Needed

a. How to Flow in The Supernatural

i. Return to Pentecost

ii. Igniting every believer

iii. Miracles Become Daily Occurrence

b. How to Build the New Church

i. Prophets to Lay the Groundwork

ii. Apostles who build on the new pattern

iii. Prophets to help People Find Their Place


1. There is a New Move Coming to the Church

2. It will not come by us waiting for something to happen

a. God always works through human channels

b. He is depending on you to get involved

3. The Pandemic and World Pressures are a good incentive

a. In that past revivals often came out of extreme circumstances

b. This usually was only local

c. Now it is worldwide

4. This will be the Biggest Revival in Church History

5. If you do not jump in you will be left behind